Acquiring Quality Cisco Training

In 2010, the need for Cisco-certified experts ultimately led our company, AR Network Consulting and Services, to take on this massive challenge of pioneering world-class Cisco training in the Philippines. As the demand for technological breakthrough rises in various major sectors like automotive, banking, entertainment, healthcare, transportation, and other businesses – the risk of encountering multiple problems with networks also increases. Hence, our company’s mission: to provide enterprises with reliable and cost-effective ways to deploy, maintain, optimize and standardize new and existing network infrastructures, as well as produce qualified IT engineers through quality technical training.


The Secrets behind Our Trusted Technical Training

Credibility is earned; thus, we at AR Network Consulting and Services, see to it that all of our instructors have undergone rigorous Cisco training both in the Philippines and overseas, and have earned their certifications. All of our CCIEs have accomplished the required Cisco written and laboratory exams.

  • CCIE Collaboration
  • CCIE Data Center
  • CCIE Routing and Switching
  • CCIE Security
  • CCIE Service Provider
  • CCIE Wireless

Our training programs are spearheaded by CCIE who have at least eight years of relevant work experience.

Tried-and-Tested Training Formula Training

We tailor our courses with this simple formula:

small class size + proper course pacing + credible mentorship.

We believe that limiting the number of students per class can create a more learning-conducive environment and focused monitoring.

According to a study by Stephen Benton and William Pallett with regards to the effects of having a small class size, instructors of such intimate number tend to often involve trainees on hands-on modules and assign activities that stimulate original ideas. Also, with small class size, students can help one another when tackling complex concepts such as the different facets of Cisco training.

Enhanced ICT Skills

ICT or Information Communication Technology skills are essential in an era where automation and digital transactions occur on a daily basis. Consequently, our company felt the need to train more individuals to answer to the demand of ICT experts in various business sectors. Our firm envisions that our trainees be well-equipped with the necessary ICT skills that can help them improve, get certified, and upgrade their careers.

Acquire quality Cisco training in the Philippines only from the best and most trusted training institution in the country. Visit our training center now, and take a step toward improving your IT career!

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