CCNA Training Course in the Philippines Supplements: Blogs to Follow


Here’s the scenario: you are enrolled in a top-caliber CCNA training course in the Philippines, working hard, learning all the skills you need to get that much-coveted certification. You keep yourself focused by repeating to yourself over and over again why you’re striving hard to pass your CCNA test. In your mind, these three take the top places:

  1. Stand out with your boss

    A CCNA certification will undoubtedly catch your employer’s attention. With the IT landscape constantly changing and evolving, standing out is not that easy; however, with the help of a CCNA certification tacked onto your curriculum vitae, then you are a force to be reckoned with.

  2. Transform a complete package

    If you play your cards right and enroll in a CCNA certification training worth its salt, like the one AR Network Consulting and Services is offering, then at the end of it you are the complete package! You’ll know ICND1 and ICND2 components, routing, switching, and others—all with the goal of preparing you for your certification test day.

  3. Increase your paycheck

    This might come third, but it probably is on the top of your mind when you first thought of getting a CCNA certification. As 2018 trends show, there is a shortage of talented workforce. Your CCNA certification can increase your salaries by 5–10%, not to mention some companies offering lucrative bonuses and perks.

With these in mind, professionals looking to earn their CCNA certification look toward the Internet to supplement their training course. With their level of familiarity with the Internet, they know that as much as the web is a treasure trove of knowledge, it can also be a bottomless abyss of senseless misinformation. The following blogs are verified to be a real help to CCNA trainees.

3 Blogs to Supplement Your CCNA Training Course in the Philippines

  • Network World

    Who doesn’t like free content, right? Network World is a gold mine of material on a variety of subjects ranging from Linux and Networking to Cloud Computing and Security. This site is one of the most active on the Web and is frequently updated with relevant and fresh articles about news, trends, and current happenings in the IT world.

  • IPexpert Support Certification Talk

    If you are enrolled in a training course in preparation for a certification test, then this is the site you’d probably want to frequent. Run by IPexpert, a provider of instruction-led audio, print and interactive training tools for certification tests, it is a hub of the latest trends in the certification program.

  • AR Network Consulting and Services Blog

    Last, but certainly one of the best, we at AR Network Consulting and Services have seen the demand for highly qualified and trained IT professionals, and we answered the call by providing one of the country’s top CCNA certification training programs. Our blogs offer up-to-date news on the fast-changing IT industry, the latest technological advancements, and an in-depth look at the CCNA certification process.

Maximize your resources by taking advantage of the Internet! Identify which blogs deserve your attention (you can start with the list above) and apply your critical thinking skills to get you the much-needed advantage to propel you closer to that CCNA certification!

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