Cisco Certification Training Course: Your Gateway to Your Future

A CCNA certification is not an easy thing to earn, and for good measure as well. Enrolling in a Cisco certification training course won’t be enough. You need to take full control of your review program and understand the certification exam inside and out.


There are a LOT of pretty things in store for you if you succeed, which makes the whole event worthwhile. Here’s a sneak peek on what awaits on the other side:

  • Improved knowledge
    Preparing for the CCNA can be rewarding in itself. Professionals or non-professionals alike can gain a lot from the networking concepts you’ll need to study for the exam. You can learn a lot form a single MPLS configuration course in the Philippines and, aside from helping you in the exam, these can aid you as you advance in your career.
  • Higher pay
    Broad knowledge and an impressive global certification can only lead to higher-paying positions. This might have already been your primary motivation for earning a certification, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Better opportunities
    Although high pay is great in itself, an emotional satisfaction that you are improving and evolving in your career can be achieved through a Cisco certification.
  • Pads your resume
    “Cisco-certified” has a nice ring to it, don’t you agree? Most companies will too.
  • Global recognition
    Cisco is recognized in many countries across the globe. Turn your sight toward the future!

That said, want to know what you need to do to get this certification? For starters check out these three.


  1. Know your topics
    In 2013, to better align to specific job roles, Cisco now has nine different topics:
    • CCNA Cloud
      CCNA Collaboration
      CCNA Cyber Ops
      CCNA Data Center
      CCNA Industrial
      CCNA Routing & Switching
      CCNA Security
      CCNA Service Provider
      CCNA Wireless
  2. Taking the CCNA Certification Exam: What do you need?

      • Cost
      Most CCNA certification exams cost less than 300 USD. Check the official website to confirm prices for your area.

      • Study guides
      To maximize your exam preparation, you’ll need study guides. Although you can find a lot of study guides online, it is better to trust only in certified review agencies, like AR Network Consulting and Services. We provide the best and most updated review programs and study guides to prepare you the best way possible.

      • Passing
      Get 825 out of 1000, and you’re good!

  3. Decide on your preferred mode
    You can pass the CCNA certification through either of two modes:

      a composite exam mode: 200–125 CCNA
      a two-exam mode: 100–105 ICND-1 and 200–105 ICDN-2

Once you earn your CCNA certification, it is valid for three years. Explore your options and reap the rewards!

The CCNA certification is your gate pass toward limitless possibilities. Maximize your exam preparation. Ensure that you have all the bases covered. Make your mark with CCNA certification!

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