Cisco Certification Training Course Tips: Preparing for the Certification Exam

Accomplishing your Cisco Certification Training course can open up career opportunities for an IT professional in the Philippines. Not only does the certification help you find better employment within the country, but it also opens doors for you to work abroad since certification is recognized globally. However, becoming certified is not a cake walk. Aside from taking a training course, you’ll also need to pass a certification exam.

Cisco certification exams aren’t impossibly difficult if you prepare yourself well. Attending a training course is sure to raise your chances of passing, but you also need to take a few other steps to help you maximize your chances. As you review and prepare for the exam, make sure you put these four quick tips to practice.


  1. Check the Cisco Website for Exam Topics and Study Material

    Make sure you take the time to browse the Cisco website a few weeks before you’re scheduled to take the certification exam. Cisco’s site is filled with helpful information for exam takers. You can easily find topics that are likely to appear on the exam, allowing you to anticipate the questions and make a more targeted study plan. The website also provides additional study material to help supplement the material your Cisco certification training course offers you.

  2. Take Practice Exams

    What better way to prepare for the certification exam than actual practice, right? Your training course should give you a mock exam to help you get a better idea of what the real certification exam is like.

    Practice exams also help you familiarize yourself with how questions are structured as some questions may be designed to be confusing. However, don’t get complacent and settle for the exam you’re given in class. You can find different mock reviews on the Cisco website and other online sources that you can take for free.

  3. Go on Group Study Sessions

    One of the most significant advantages of going through Cisco certification training in the Philippines is you can form study groups with your classmates. When it comes to studying for an exam, two (or more) heads are definitely better than one. Some classmates will be able to help you better understand specific topics they understand.

    Group study sessions are a great way to cover all your bases in the least amount of time. This is also an excellent opportunity to network with other IT professionals for future employment opportunities.

  4. Get Enough Rest the Day before the Exam

    Do not underestimate the importance of being well-rested for your exam. While some people may try to cram extra information the day before the test, doing so only stresses out your brain. This may lead to memory gaps during the actual exam. Besides, you shouldn’t have to be cramming the day before the test if you’ve adequately prepared in the weeks leading up to exam day.

    Take a break the day before your certification test. Enjoy a quiet day at home or an afternoon at your favorite coffee shop. Get to bed early and make sure you set your alarm. Getting enough sleep significantly boosts focus and memory.

These are only some of the steps you can take to ensure you are prepared to take your certification exam. There are many other tips you can find online to help you better retain and recall what you’ve studied, as well as other exam-taking tips. Good luck!

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