Finding the Best Cisco Training Course in the Philippines

As our company’s vision and goal, we aim to produce highly skilled professionals who would take the lead in the IT industry. We provide courses that are geared toward honing students’ full potential and competence.

  • Get hands-on experience in simulated workplace laboratories.
  • Learn how to handle real equipment.
  • Have formal interaction with other aspiring achievers of the Cisco certification training course.
  • Gain appreciation of technology- i.e., Cisco switches and routers.
  • Get access to training resources.

AR Network Consulting and Services is one of the best providers of CCNA training course in the Philippines. We produce quality and convenient training at an affordable rate. Our instructor is dedicated to helping students understand the exam inside-out. He never stops until students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to surpass the training and achieve their score goal. All our courses are guided by a formula that serves as a key to producing skilled Cisco certified professional.

low class-size + correct pacing + simulated workplace laboratory + expert instructors = quality training


These courses are designed, customized, and optimized with the goal of producing skilled professionals. Learn how to professionally and systematically manage network infrastructures, and more!


  • Handouts
  • E-books
  • Video Instructional Materials
  • Free Laboratory Use For Practices


Experience using real Cisco gear. During the entire course, students will use one of the most sophisticated and complete network training laboratories in the Philippines.

  • 1 Complete routing and switching laboratory set per student

Each student will have access to:

  • 14 Cisco Routers
  • 6 Cisco Switches [4 Multilayer (L3) switches]
  • 2 Wireless Access points
  • 2 IP Phones
  • 1 ASA Firewall
  • 1 Laptop with Cisco Wireless LAN Adapter, SDM, ASDM & CAN


Learn from a Cisco certified consultant and engineer! AR Network Consulting and Services’ training courses are handled by an instructor who has extensive knowledge and experience in the following fields:

  • Designing;
  • Implementing;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Maintaining;
  • Supporting; and
  • Optimizing SME-scale to enterprise-scale networks.

His expertise and dedication have led to our company’s accumulation of the following certifications.


Enroll now in the best Network Security Training in the Philippines. Start your IT career journey by investing in your certification. Boost your career and see the door of opportunities open for you!