Early IT Career Moves: Enroll in a Cisco CCNA Test Center in the Philippines

If you’re just starting to forge a career in IT, then you need to arm yourself with as much experience and skills as you can get. The truth is that having your average IT experience is not enough to make you stand out from the huge wave of new IT professionals entering the market each year. One of the most practical ways to do this is by enrolling in a Cisco CCNA test center in the Philippines and getting CCNA certified.

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certificate is largely a beginner-level certification, but it’s also one of the most valued IT qualifications today. As part of your course in a CCNA training center in the Philippines, you’ll gain knowledge in installing, configuring, and operating various network programs like LAN and WAN. But what makes a CCNA certificate such a remarkable tool for young IT professionals?


It gives you professional credibility.

One of the topmost advantages of a CCNA certificate is what it communicates for you. Before you get your CCNA certification, you need to pass several stringent tests and requirements. Therefore, it automatically tells employers and your peers that you are adept at:

  • IP addressing, configuration, and verification
  • IP routing
  • Route aggregation
  • Network programs
  • VPN
  • WAN and LAN design
  • Many more

Take note that Cisco certification is sought-after and recognized worldwide, and more importantly, not everyone passes the training and exams. The CCNA certificate is a strong validation of your technical skills and greatly increases your professional reputation and credibility. It can help you negotiate higher salaries, faster promotions, and positions in larger and more reputable companies.

It enables you to seek higher certifications.

If you’re interested in obtaining more Cisco certifications (and it’s always wiser to do so), then you definitely need to obtain your CCNA certificate. While CCNA alone already opens up many professional opportunities for you, higher level certifications hold even more potential. Some of the best-paying Cisco certifications are:

  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)

Note that you won’t be able to advance to these levels without a CCNA certificate. And since the IT industry is mainly a battlefield of skills, climbing up the Cisco certification ladder is an excellent way to advance in your career.

It gives you more career choices.

A lot of IT professionals get stuck in mediocre jobs with very few professional opportunities just because they didn’t take the time to develop more skills. Getting a CCNA certificate takes a lot of time and effort, and not everyone is willing to put in hard work.

However, a Cisco certification is like a jewel in your resume. It helps you attract more renowned companies, widens your job opportunities (ever wanted to go freelance?), gives you better salary prospects, and gives a huge boost to your career overall.

For many years now, AR Network Consulting and Services has been helping both young IT professionals and experts alike to get their Cisco certification. Let the leading CCNA training center in the Philippines lead the way to your Cisco certification journey.

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