Enroll in the Best Cisco Training Center in the Philippines: Perks of Certification

Achieving a Cisco certification is not an easy feat. First, you have to choose and enroll in a top-caliber Cisco training center in the Philippines. Focus on your training, which is not that simple given that you will be doing this side by side with your other responsibilities such as work and your family as well. To top it off, you have to pass the stringent Cisco exam. No pressure!


But a lot of professionals undergo these challenges because they know that a pot of gold waits at the end of the rainbow, even if the rainbow is lined with hard exams and sleepless nights training, and even if the rainbow is not a rainbow but weeks, even months of arduous study and training. These professionals (including you if you’re reading this) understand well the benefits of gaining a Cisco certification. Consider the following facts:

  • Research and global trends show that as of 2018, 40% of jobs belong to five industries: Information Technology, Private Education, Government and Public Education, Financial Services, Professional and Business Services, and Healthcare.
  • 75–90% of these will be jobs that require a form of post-secondary education or training (e.g., certifications).
  • Shifts and trends in IT will need more and more professionals to be certified in large-scale networks, data centers, clouding, etc.
  • There will be a deficit of workers meeting these strict requirements as college graduates fall short of the post-secondary degree standards.

Given such a professional climate, is it a wonder why there’s such a rush to get Cisco certification?

Why Enroll in a Cisco Training Center in the Philippines?

Aside from providing you with the necessary tools to pass your Cisco exam, we at AR Network Consulting and Services will also prepare you mentally by constantly reminding you why you are doing everything you could to get that all-important certification.

Enroll in a Cisco training and be inspired by keeping in mind the following perks of gaining a Cisco certification.

  1. It builds careers
    Ever since the certification program began, Cisco-certified professionals have been coveted by employers not only locally but especially globally. Research shows that Cisco skills are the most included in hiring requirements and are more frequently requested than 97% of all other skills demanded. Gaining Cisco certification proves that you are equipped with these skills plus more!
  2. It provides more and better opportunities
    Through Cisco certification, you’re not a one-trick pony trapped in a one-way road. With Cisco, your IT career path will seemingly have infinite possibilities! You can either push forward a Routing and Switching track or focus on upcoming and evolving technologies such as Cloud, Data Centers, or Data Security. With Cisco certification, you dictate your career path.
  3. It helps you adapt
    Information technology is an industry where you don’t want to be a second behind. Blink and a floodgate of opportunities have rushed past you. In this fast-paced digital era, skills you learn and earn from getting a Cisco certification shall equip you to handle and adapt accordingly to these changes. Don’t get left behind!

So what are you waiting for? Before signing up in a Cisco exam center in the Philippines, consider enrolling in a training center first to hone your skills. With this much on the line, it won’t hurt to train more to secure that Cisco advantage!

Entrust your Cisco certification journey to only the best. We at AR Network Consulting and Services pledge to deliver the best Cisco training course that is both academic and practical. Not only are our courses tailored to equip you with the skills needed to achieve the certification, but it also guarantees to prepare you mentally by constantly reminding you of what’s at stake: a door to infinite possibilities!

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