Get Cisco Training in Makati from the Best in the Industry

With CCNA knowledge being a lucrative and competitive prospect, everyone is seeking out the proper training to gain it and eventually get certification. Training centers are everywhere, so the choice on where to enroll is trickier than ever. Cisco Training in Makati alone has a plethora of choices for IT professionals. But you can stop the search now; the solution to your problem is here.

AR Network Consulting and Services, with its comprehensive and forward-looking CCNA curricula, as well as its exceptionally-trained and experienced instructors, stands above the competition when it comes to CCNA training, not only in Makati City, but all over the Philippines.


Your Best Choice is in Makati

Here are some of the reasons CCNA training centers such as AR Network Consulting and Services have chosen to base themselves in Makati:

  1. Accessibility to the business and IT center of Metro Manila

    The Makati City and Bonifacio Global City – Taguig (BGC- Taguig) areas are home to many of the biggest companies in the Philippines. All companies have their own IT departments; if not, they are IT companies themselves. IT professionals who wish to continue their education and acquire certifications will find IT training centers in Makati – BGC more accessible to them, especially after working hours.

  2. Accessibility as the central location in the metropolis

    Makati City is right in the center of Greater Manila, which means that it is the most accessible city from any part of the metropolis. People from far areas – such as Quezon City and Caloocan City in the North, and Paranaque, Las Pinas, and Muntinlupa in the South – consider Makati as a middle ground when it comes to a meeting area. This makes more sense for schools and learning centers to set up shop here.

  3. Accessibility of technology

    Makati City is arguably the most modern city in Metro Manila, having complete access to technology and network infrastructure compared to its neighbors. Training centers in the area will have fewer roadblocks when it comes to setting up labs and internet connections that are essential in training personnel on concepts like network, routing, switching, and security.

The AR Network Consulting and Services Difference

  1. Certified and expertly-trained faculty

    We pride ourselves with one of the best instructors in the country. Mr. Alvin Ray Nunez has mastered designing, implementing, troubleshooting, maintaining, supporting, and optimizing large and SME-scale networks. He is a certified Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE No. 36344), on top of his numerous Cisco certifications gained during his years of service. With such credentials, you can bet that you will receive cutting-edge training from AR Network Consulting and Services, making the drive to Makati City worth it.

  2. Quality and convenient training at an affordable rate

    Our instructor is committed to training students to have a thorough understanding of the certification exams. Instead of boot camp and fast-track programs, we have sessions that ensure that students know the Cisco lessons inside out for them to be totally prepared for certification. Through workplace lab simulation in small classes, as well as an easy-to-follow instructional pattern, we aim to provide you with the total learning experience that is unmatched anywhere in the country.

  3. Complete laboratory setup

    During the training, each student will have their setup composed of Cisco gear, which is complete for simulations and training. This serves as a compliment to the quality of training you will get from us. In addition, we are continually improving the network laboratory to stay in line with customer requirements and network topologies.

Train with the Best

With the most convenient location around, and the best personnel for CCNA training to guide you, AR Network Consulting and Services should be your top choice for a Cisco exam center in the Philippines. Give us a call to know more about our training packages, and get ready to hone your skills and upgrade your career even more!

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