Master MPLS Foundation Concepts at the Best Cisco Training Center in the Philippines

A solid foundation on Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is essential for students and professionals interested in achieving CCIE, CCNP, and other Cisco certifications. IT engineers working on campus networks, branch offices, and enterprises must be proficient in MLPS concepts to ensure highly efficient routes throughout the network. Establish your MLPS know-how by enrolling in a Cisco training center in the Philippines that offers a hands-on course on its applications.

What is Multiprotocol Label Switching?

Cisco Multiprotocol Label Switching connects sites and streamlines data transmission. It allows service providers and enterprises to create intelligent networks that provide a wide range of services over a single infrastructure. MPLS is designed for smooth integrations over Frame Relay, IP, Ethernet, ATM, and other existing infrastructures and platforms.


MPLS enables end-to-end, differentiated, and highly scalable IP services. Its key advantages include simplified management, configuration, and provisioning for subscribers and providers.

Importance of MPLS

Cisco network engineers use MPLS to connect sites with a highly efficient and pre-determined route. If your networks use VoIP solutions, for instance, chances are you will be incorporating MLPS into them. The routing technique makes it easier to send voice data without dropped packets or poor connections. Other benefits of MPLS include:

  • Reduced network congestion
  • Better bandwidth utilization
  • Improved performance
  • Heightened scalability
  • Superior Network flexibility
  • Augmented security
  • Increased cost-efficiency
  • Enhanced experience for end-users

MPLS is considered a crucial part of a Cisco certification training course for most IT professionals as it plays a key role in numerous network functions such as traffic engineering and VPN support.

MPLS Foundations Course Curriculum

As the leading Cisco training center in the Philippines, AR Network Consulting and Services offers an MPLS Foundations course for both students and professionals. The curriculum covers:

Part 1: MPLS Fundamentals

  1. Introduction to MPLS
  2. MPLS Architecture
  3. Packet Forwarding
  4. Implementation

Part 2: MPLS VPNs

  1. VPN Fundamentals
  2. MPLS VPNs
  3. VRFs
  4. Multiprotocol BGP
  5. PE-CE Routing via RIP

Part 3: PE-CE Routing

  1. PE-CE Routing via EIGRP
  2. PE-CE Routing via OSPF
  3. PE-CE Routing via BGP
  4. Internet via MPLS

To support students throughout the course, we provide the following materials:

  • Handouts
  • E-books
  • Video instructional materials
  • Free use of the laboratory for practice

AR Network Consulting and Services also provides hands-on Cisco training in Makati using real Cisco gear. Expect to learn MPLS applications in one of the most advanced and complete network training laboratories in the country.

Aside from providing each student with a comprehensive routing and switching laboratory set, we also ensure access to:

  • 1 laptop with Cisco Wireless LAN Adapter, ASDM, SDM, and CAN
  • 14 Cisco Routers
  • 6 Cisco Switches
  • 2 IP Phones
  • 2 Wireless Access Points
  • 1 ASA Firewall

Accelerate Your Career with AR Network Consulting and Services

Enroll in the best Cisco training center in the Philippines today! Aside from our MPLS Foundations course, we also offer:

  • CCNA Course
  • CCNP Route Course
  • CCNA Security Course
  • BGP Fundamentals Course
  • And more

Call us today at (02) 903-7891 or fill out our online contact form for inquiries.

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