Network Security Training in the Philippines: Career Advantages of Becoming Certified

As more and more sensitive information becomes digitized, ensuring that all that information remains secure is vital for all businesses. This is why IT professionals who have undergone Network Security Training in the Philippines are in demand both locally and internationally. In some cases, however, simply knowing how certain security systems and programs work isn’t enough to get your foot in the door.

If you are an IT security professional looking to stand out from other applicants, you may be interested in taking Network Security Training in the Philippines, which will eventually help you become a CCNA-certified security professional. Although such certification isn’t “necessary” to help you find a good job in the world of IT security, CCNA certification does come with several career advantages.


  1. Boost Your Qualifications with Years of Training and Knowledge

    Network security is one of the most sought-after skills in the IT industry today. In some cases, many companies are willing to train employees extensively to make sure their network security teams are up at par.

    Undergoing training and receiving certification mean you are accruing years’ worth of training and knowledge in network security. This means that the company that hires you does not have to train you, saving them a hefty sum in training fees. This also means they can ask you to get to work right away. These two facts alone easily make you a more desirable prospect over other applicants who aren’t certified.

  2. Increase in Salary Offered

    The skills you develop through CCNA security training provide tangible and immediate benefits to a company. Additionally, acquiring certification can be difficult as it requires going through training and passing an exam. Your effort, determination, and potential aren’t lost on employers. This is why many people who are CCNA certified receive better salary offers than those without the certification. Think of it as something similar to an applicant with a Master’s Degree. Since you have gone through an extra level of training and education, you are given access to higher pay.

  3. First Call for Career Advancement

    Network security training also helps you identify risks and develop ways to mitigate those risks while building your interpersonal skills. All of this is important when it comes to network security, but these skills also translate well when it comes to team management and training. As such, many CCNA certified security network professionals are among the top names when a company is looking to promote employees to supervisor, management, and executive positions. Becoming CCNA certified is not a guarantee for career advancement, but it definitely helps put you in prime position for a promotion.

  4. Doors in Other Countries are Now Open to You

    CCNA certification is globally recognized. This means that potential employers from foreign countries will also recognize the CCNA security training you went through in the Philippines. In other words, you will be a CCNA security certified professional no matter which country you go to around the world. If you’ve ever dreamed of moving to Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom, or any other foreign country to pursue a network security career, being CCNA certified helps take you one step closer to your dream.

These are only some of the advantages of undergoing training and becoming CCNA certified. If you are looking to build a successful career in IT security, CCNA certification will definitely give you that edge you need. Entrust your CCNA training to only the best. Register now on our training classes!

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