Preparing with a Cisco Certification Training Course: Is it Worth it?

There are many providers of Cisco network training in the Philippines. However, are they worth it? Can they help exam takers secure high marks in their certification tests? Read on to determine if training programs are worth it by learning about their various merits and demerits.


The Pros of Preparing with a Cisco Certification Training Course

  • You’ll learn from Cisco experts.

    Cisco instructors have extensive knowledge and experience about IT solutions, including designing, implementing, maintaining, supporting, troubleshooting, and optimizing networks of various sizes.

    Also, most—if not all of them—are Cisco certified. This means that not only do they know the exam inside out but they also have actual experience about taking it. They know its demands and pressures first-hand. They know what strategies work and what doesn’t. They can definitely teach you the skills and knowledge necessary to pass your certification test.

  • You’ll get access to quality materials and well-equipped facilities.

    Quality training materials are hard to come by on your own. There are not a lot of them online. Most need to be purchased. Those that are freely available are outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete.

    The same can be said about materials and equipment. You either need to purchase or borrow them so you can build up your hands-on experience. Preparing with a Cisco certification review program eliminates these problems.

  • You’ll ensure that you’ll have all the essential skills and knowledge to achieve test success.

    And, these are difficult to guarantee if you opted to self-study. Cisco training facilities have standard programs that cover all the essentials of the certification programs.

  • You’ll build up your hands-on IT experience.

    As mentioned before, Cisco instructors don’t just teach you the theories and concepts covered by your certification exam. They’ll also arm you with the essential skills and techniques necessary for the test. Under their guidance, you’ll be able to hone your abilities as an IT professional.

The Cons of Preparing with a Cisco Certification Training Course

  • It’s a scheduled training course.

    Unlike if you opted for the self-study approach, you must adhere to a set review schedule. This can be quite the challenge if you’re currently employed or still studying in the university.

  • You need to commute to and fro a training facility.

    And, given the Philippines’ traffic situation, these often require a lot of time and effort.

Now that we’ve established the advantages and disadvantages of preparing with a Cisco certification training course, it’s time to answer the question:

Is it worth it?

Yes, it is. Based on the points above, the perks of preparing with a Cisco training program definitely outweigh its drawbacks. So, go for it. Enroll in a Cisco preparation course.

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