Stress-Free Prep for CCNP Certification in the Philippines

Preparing for your CCNP Certification in the Philippines can be quite stressful. Knowing what it involves and the repercussions to your career should you be successful in obtaining your certification can be both exciting and nerve-wracking! On the one hand, you should be inspired as CCNP certifications are known to make careers, pushing professionals to new heights. However, the same knowledge can be intensely stressful, and if not adequately handle, the stress can break you.

Don’ let it! Here are five surefire ways to prepare for your certification test without buckling under the pressure.


Stress-Free Preparation Tips for Your CCNP Certification in the Philippines
  1. Always have a plan

    In whatever undertaking, it is always good to approach it with a plan. The plan might change along the way, or might be thrown away altogether in favor of something else—the important thing is to have one before beginning. You should have an idea of how to attack your training. Set your goals based on some factors, for example, exam objectives and amount of time before the exam date. Determine which of the Switch, Troubleshooting, or CCNP Routing Course in the Philippines you would deal with first based on a carefully selected set of factors.

  2. Hands-on experience goes side by side with the theory

    While there is nothing wrong with going all out in mastering the theoretical aspect of your CCNP, it is very much advised to get as much hands-on experience as you can. Cisco recommends that exam takers have at least one to three years of experience with related products before sitting for the exam. This means you should have done the tasks included in the exam before and possibly more than once. Also, one benefit of having a substantial experience, which might not be readily visible, is the confidence that it can give you. If doing the tasks is like second nature to you, then you’ll more likely be able to ace that part of the exam easily!

  3. Revisit your CCNA course

    CCNP routing and switching are built upon CCNA concepts. Mastering these topics will help you greatly. It may have been some time since you got your CCNA certification, as such a refresher to old knowledge, skills and logic is not a bad way to prepare for the test.

  4. Maximize study resources

    Books and reviewers are excellent and all. They are extensive, up-to-date, and easily accessible. However, limiting yourself to these materials is dangerously narrow-minded. Explore all resources at your disposal. Go beyond the course and the provided content and discover what else is out there. Visit reliable blogs, discussion boards, YouTube videos, podcasts, and others—the Internet is a treasure trove of information. Just make sure you employ critical thinking in discerning which are reliable and which are false information.

  5. Relax

    An often underestimated advice—it is both counterintuitive and very common. Keeping your nerves in check can propel you through the toughest parts of your exam preparations. After trying to cram a ton of information into your brain, rest. Do some leisurely activity. Eat. Sleep. However, remember: relaxing is different from procrastinating. Learn how to know which is which.

Now you are ready! Conquer that certification test and open the door to a new world of possibilities. With AR Network Consulting and Services, networking professionals are holistically prepared by taking care of their mental as well as their psychological well-being.

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