Training Tips for Students of the CCNP Routing Course in the Philippines

Aiming to secure a CCNP Certification in routing and switching? Make sure you’re prepared for the exam. Enroll in our CCNP routing course in the Philippines and consider the following tips during your training period.


  • Make sure you can take the exam. The CCNP routing and switching exams are not for everyone. There are two qualifications. You need to have:

• at least a year of networking experience
• a Cisco CCNA routing and switching certification/any Cisco CCIE certification If you lack one or both of these, then you are not eligible for CCNP certification. Best complete the pre-requisites first.

  • Get a ton of hands-on experience. CCNP’s routing and switching exams will test not only your theoretical proficiency but also your practical know-how. So, get tons of hands-on experience. Here’s how it’ll give you an edge when you take the test.
  • It will reinforce your theoretical knowledge. Practical experience is the most effective way to master and retain know-how. If you know how to do something in your sleep, then the chances of you getting it wrong on paper are extremely low.
  • You’ll be sufficiently prepared for the test’s demands and pressures. The CCNP tests are timed. You can’t take your time with your solutions and implementation. And, if you don’t have a lot of hands-on experience, there’s a huge chance that you’ll be overwhelmed with pressure. Enrolling in our CCNP routing course Philippines is one of the best ways to load up on hands-on experience. Our CCNP trainers can not only help you build up your practical experience, but they can also teach you everything you need to ace the test. You can find out more about our program here.
  • Maximize your CCNP training course. Simply enrolling in a review program, won’t guarantee high scores. You need to make the most of your sessions. Follow the tips below.
  • Attend all your program sessions.Miss one and you’ll likely have a hard time understanding the current discussion.
  • Come to your classes prepared. Use your course syllabus to keep track of your lessons and prepare for them accordingly.
  • Take everything seriously. Treat every practice activity provided by your CCNP routing course Philippines as if it was the actual exam. It’ll help you acclimate to the pressure of the test and get into the right mindset.
  • Ask questions. Don’t hesitate to clarify confusing information.
  • Be aware of your performance. Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. Refine the former but don’t forget to work on the latter.
  • Build a CCNP lab at home. Building a home lab is a great investment for your CCNP preparations. And, no, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to make one. The great thing about having a lab is that you can hone your skills and practice new theories at your leisure. You don’t have to travel to a lab or wait until your next shift at work.

Make every second of your CCNP preparations count. Ensure CCNP Certification on your first exam attempt with these training tips.

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