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Expert Consultation, Topnotch Equipment, Technical Support, and Credible Cisco Certification Training in the Philippines

Since 2010, we at AR Network Consulting and Services witnessed the constant demand for technological advancement and support. As many enterprises in our country are heavily relying on machinery and automation, our company felt the need to make these businesses flourish through various supportive roles: technical consultation and support, high-quality equipment, and intensive Cisco certification training in the Philippines.


We Have the Solutions

Taking notes from tech giants such as Microsoft, we create ways to deliver various IT service strategies to support our clients’ goals and objectives.

  • Our company can align our customers’ IT and business goals to discern what they put value most on (e.g., buyer satisfaction, profitability, launching of new products, etc.).
  • We can also create service maps for our clients, for them to view the perspectives from the business side and their target customers. These include sections, such as people who avail their services, hardware platforms needed for service delivery, operating systems, configuration settings, and internal/external services.
  • We are keen on helping our clientele define their businesses’ initiatives, map out their annual strategies, and help them on managing the performance of the IT products and services they utilize.
We Have the Products

Our company offers various networking equipment that will make any enterprises’ daily operations run smoothly. We provide cables and connectors, routers, wireless access points, firewalls, network switches, network adapters, VoIP, range extenders, and many more. An effective IT network connects all devices and peripheral equipment efficiently– which can make any business improve further. Hence, any venture will benefit from the products that we offer since we only source from reliable IT vendors like Checkpoint, Cisco, Fortinet, HP, Huawei, Juniper, and many more. We at AR Networking Consulting and Services, values high-performance and cost-efficiency as primary components of successful commercial operations.

We Have the Training

The demand for CCNA certified personnel has increased throughout the years, and our firm puts a priority on quality Cisco certification training in the Philippines. To make our country’s IT industry globally competitive, it is a must that our local technicians and IT professionals alike – can catch up with the incessant technological changes. Our company targets to produce competent personnel that can handle various IT requirements and issues, such as cyber security breaches, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of data and devices, achieving optimal performance of Cisco wireless networks, and identify QoS (quality of service) elements – among other vital networking skills.

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