A CCNA Training Center in the Philippines’ Reminders for Students

The CCNA Certification is a carefully formulated certification program and is the most popular of its kind in the Networking industry. It stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate and is the most sought-after certification program for entry-level Network Engineers. Accomplishing a training course in a CCNA training center in the Philippines and gaining a CCNA Certification bring forth a host of advantages, including but not limited to the following:

  • A path to success and career growth
  • A chance to apply for a higher certification
  • Increased pay
  • Knowledge gain and skills
  • Promotion among the ranks
  • Growth of the company
  • Personal satisfaction and respect from peers

Given the enormity of what’s at stake, it is no wonder that those who want to get CCNA certification enroll only in the country’s best CCNA training center in the Philippines. However, they should be wary. Intellectual and mental preparation is not enough to go beyond what they can achieve separately.


Things to Remember when Taking a CCNA Certification Exam

Test takers should also prepare for the other aspects of the CCNA certification in the Philippines. The moments before and after the exam are just as important as the 60 or 90 minutes you spend answering the exam. Take note of the following aspects and maximize your CCNA exam.

  1. Get familiar with the rules
    All exams have their own rules, and with something as crucial as the CCNA Certification, expect that there will be some stringent policies.

    Several items will not be allowed inside the testing area. Mobile phones, watches, flash drives, wallets, bags, calculators, recording devices, coats, hats, books, review notes, and others should not be brought inside the testing room. These items will be collected and secured for you by the testing center. The materials you will need for the test proper will be provided and should be returned upon conclusion of the exam.

  2. Signing the certification agreement
    Before the administrator assigns you to a testing computer, you will be asked to sign a certification agreement. It will mostly require you to:

      • …not reveal the contents of the exam
      • …attempt to remove exam materials from the testing room
      • …not possess or use unauthorized materials (as mentioned above and including cheat sheets)
      • …not take the exam on others’ behalf
      • …not misrepresent your certification status, nor allow another person to use your credentials.

      Violating any of the above can disqualify you from the current test and might even prevent you from taking the examination in the future.

  3. Introduction
    After all the formalities and after all the necessary agreements have been signed and read, a tutorial will begin to familiarize you with the interface and with the questions you are likely to encounter. Only after the tutorial ends will the exam begin and the timer start.

  1. Troubleshooting
    If at any point in the exam your computer crashes, inform your administrator to fix the problem. The problematic computer would likely be rebooted, the exam taker signed in and continue exactly where you had left off.
  2. Pacing
    The exam is, so to speak, a marathon and not a race. Take stock of each question, understanding them fully and giving your most intelligent responses.

  1. Review your answer
    Once done with the exam, YOU’RE NOT YET DONE! Use the remaining time to review your answers, making sure you neither skipped any part nor misunderstand any of the directions. However, do not second guess yourself. Be confident in your preparations.
  2. Take the survey
    A short survey will be distributed, asking you about your experience. Answer honestly. This will help the administrators provide the exam in a better way next time. Don’t worry as this will not affect your score.


Before signing up in any training center, ensure that the one you shall trust not only prepares you intellectually and technically but mentally and psychologically as well. AR Consulting Network and Services prepares you holistically ensuring that you face your CCNA Certification exam fully confident!

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